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What is Omnichannel? Why Beneficial?

Making assisted selling and the retail white glove experience easy with Omnichannel.

BTW – What is the difference between Multichannel and Omnichannel? Multi-Channel vs Omni-Channel: Multi-Channel is simply the acknowledgement that there are multiple channels and multiple ways to reach your customer. However, the use of the channel is often isolated from other channels. Omni-channel is an evolution in that it demands a cohesive and orchestrated use of available channels per customer conversation.

Get a Free Pass to the NRF Expo Hall!

This just in… A certain number of Expo Passes have been made available to XOMNI. If you are a retailer or know a retailer, have them reach out to with the title “Free NRF Pass” and we will hook you up!

We’d love to meet you. The XOMNI product team will be at NRF demoing in two areas of the Microsoft booth. The Assisted Selling section and a special customer branded section we can’t wait to tell you more about later. Our itinerary is filling up, let us know if you want a one-on-one meeting to discuss the XOMNI value proposition.  No one does omnichannel, assisted selling and global product catalog delivery better than us.

NRF is going to be a big deal. Don’t miss it!