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Our Channel Partners Shined at NRF 2015

As you may have noticed throughout the heavy activity on our twitter and facebook feeds last week we were in New York City helping our channel partners shine at National Retail Foundation Expo 2015. It’s our third year at NRF and we are very happy sharing the stage with our channel partners showcasing amazing retail experiences powered by our APIs.

During NRF 2015 GameStop took stage during the conference keynote showing their vision for the next version of the retail experience in GameStop stores. Meanwhile our channel partner Confiz was presenting the GameStop solution in Microsoft booth. Take a look at the videos below to see how Confiz leveraged Omni-Discovery and Omni-Play building the next retail experience for GameStop.

On the other end of the expo area there was a magical mirror able to provide highly customized suggestions based on a variety of secret metrics. Our channel partner thebigspace built the smartest fitting room ever. Below you can find Will Amos from thebigspace demoing their retail experience built on top of our APIs.

We are looking forward to share more during 2015. With the upcoming release of our V3 APIs 2015 will be an exciting year for retail. Stay tuned!

P.S. If you are a developer keep your eyes on our developer portal!

Daron Yöndem
Chief Technology Officer

Real-Time Retail at NRF

It’s now or never. A retailer faces many consumer driven opportunities to make a sale. Today, retail is rarely ready for them. Are you presenting the right product, price or promotion at the right time?

This year at NRF XOMNI will be talking about how Retailers can do exactly that. Although our NRF meeting schedule is filling fast, Daron Yondem (XOMNI CTO) and I still have a few slots available. We would be happy to discuss how to quickly produce innovative pilots, encourage experience iteration and go to production automatically upon finding a fit for your customers and brand. Of course, leveraging our Creative Ecosystem powered by XOMNI Channel Partners will ensure your success.

This year we have two Channel Partners that we know of highlighting XOMNI Experiences at NRF. Channel Partner thebigspace has developed a dynamic recommendations style guide on the XOMNI platform that will be on display at the Zebra technologies booth. Channel partner Confiz will be in the Microsoft booth demoing a GameStop experience we are excited to tell you more about after the start of the show.

Would you like to talk? Get a personal tour of our NRF showcases? Let us know.

Chad Brown
President | CEO