3D iPhone for Retail?

My guess… several years away. :) Let’s talk about today!

XOMNI and Magnetic 3D show off Glasses-Free 3D in the Retail environment at NRF 2014.


XOMNI is excited to be in the Microsoft booth for the umpteenth year talking about retail experiences that matter, are real and make a difference today. This year we have two spots in the both. 1) Assisted Selling and 2) Customer Highlight – nope. still can’t talk about the customer. :)

We hope you can make it to NRF and share in the fun! If not, stay tuned. We will be talking more about it next week. In addition, we will be releasing Self Provisioning for XOMNI and a new Developer Portal which together will make everything demonstrated at NRF available to the masses.

Exciting times for XOMNI, our Channel Partners and Retail as a whole!

Yours Truly,

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