Concierge Applications. What are they?


The term is currently a “catch-all” for applications touching on a variety of in-venue functions that support customer questions or request for services. These applications take many forms and run on a variety of devices such as Interactive Digital Signage, Kiosks, Associate Tablets or even the customers own mobile device.

Concierge Applications can be an evolution of existing functions such as Way Finding, Assisted Selling or Price Lookup services. However, they can also be an opportunity for NET-NEW innovation. For example: Using the very latest in geofencing, audience measurement, facial recognition, social integration and suggestion engine technology to expose new workflows on top of existing CRM, Loyalty, Product and Inventory data.

At XOMNI we help our customers quickly test and ultimately scale Concierge functions in their environment by providing rich data integration, content delivery and relevant out of box functionality. Over the coming months leading up to NRF 2015, we will be talking more about the future of Concierge applications and showing examples as they become public. If you have an interest, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

For now, here is our example from NRF 2014. If you haven’t already seen it… check it out.

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