Deep Dive into Inventory Support

With the release of XOMNI V3 one of our highlighted features is the Inventory Support. Now we have a sample application showcasing the implementation of an inventory use case open sourced on our Github repository including a detailed step-by-step how-to documentation.

You may have noticed our series of technical videos on youtube. Above is the latest one taking you through the implementation of an in-store inventory functionality with our APIs.

When you go through the materials you will see that we kept our “highest flexibility” promise and designed our APIs in a way you can implement more then in-store inventory. Essentially we designed a flexible store contextual data repository per item/product within the catalog which you can use to enable¬†any type of in-store data related functionality you envision.

Let us know your feedback and keep shooting your sample source code requests to our end on twitter and on facebook.

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