Iterative Improvements with v3.2

Releasing major functionalities and enabling new scenarios to help our channel partners accomplish more is at the core of our product development. We are happy to announce our next iterative development to our V3 production environment with a minor version named V3.2.

Performance in every aspect

When we design our APIs we always keep in mind that the speed of experience delivery is key. Our customers and channel partners need a platform where a client application can access just the right amount of functional data with less round trips to the cloud with the minimal caching as possible. We love to emphasize the fact that for the last four years at NRF Expo we had our showcase experiences running on conference wifi with no glitches and perfect fluidity fully connected to our cloud with zero caching.

In this minor version we focused on improving what’s already close to perfect. We wanted to make it better, faster, smoother and more customization. From now on we give you the ability to opt-out of our analytics platform. In case you think you are not going to use it, and you want to squeeze out more performance out of platform you can disable bits and pieces. This is just a small part of the iceberg. The good news is you don’t need to migrate your applications.

No migration required for the next version!

This is amazing right? To start using V3.2 and leverage all the improvements we listed above you don’t need to migrate your application. You don’t need to submit another application to an App Store. In fact, you don’t need to do anything. Your applications are actually benefiting by all the improvements just before this blog post is up. Congratulations!

In case you would like dig a little bit deeper and see a couple of changes specific to V3.2 from API schema perspective here is the link to our release notes. No breaking changes! As always our SDKs are up to date as well.

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