NRF 2014 Day 2, The show never ends!

It’s the final day of NRF 2014. It’s been amazing to welcome you all and show off some of the new platform enhancements made over the last year. If you think the show ended, you are wrong! For those who were not able to attend the Big Show, we did capture a couple of videos showcasing our Kohls Application and providing a rapid preview of our demos at NRF 2014. Please welcome our CEO, Chad Brown on stage and enjoy the videos below.

Our CEO, Chad Brown showcasing the Kohls Experience Demo at NRF 2014.

Assisted selling with 3D Digital Signage and Omniplay

We hope you liked what we did and want to learn more. Feel free to visit our developer portal at to dig deeper into our APIs and see how you also can leverage the power we offer in the cloud.

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