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Power Up Unparalleled User Experience


XOMNI takes the “Bleeding” out of “Bleeding Edge”

How does one power or enable unparalleled user experience? First, you need to involve someone with a solid understanding of “user centered design” and the ability to tailor a process for defining such an experience. Like these folks. Next, you need to break down all the typical barriers to design execution: Data access, channel access, (omnichannel integration), technology integration, performance and constraints associated with delivering the “design” to the targeted client platforms. Finally, you need to provide support so the players involved can focus on their core business.

InformationWeek just published an article which illustrates one aspect of our core business – Cloud R&D. XOMNI is constantly on the hunt for new partners and technologies to support unparalleled user experience. We have a team specifically designed to learn all the hard lessons associated with new technology and their application within the cloud – so you don’t have to. We absorb those technologies that are ready to add value and enhance them in ways that benefit specific use cases and make them easy to understand and consume.

Please have a look at the InformationWeek article to see the latest technologies we are assessing and sure to benefit the User Experience!

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