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Retail Experience Dream Team!

XOMNI partners for 2014 announced… With XOMNI serving as the SaaS platform for retail Omnichannel experiences we have built an Agency and Technology partner ecosystem capable of delivering any experience, in any geography, at any scale. Please have a look at our new partner page located here: Partner Page

Partner Slide

NRF 2014 Day 0, We are ready!

This is the most exciting time of the year. It’s NRF! This is when we show you all the stuff we worked on and this time we have a lot more! Day 0 is just the day before the show starts and that is when we get our demo devices setup and make sure we are ready to rock and roll.

IMG_3327I should say “we are a lucky company”. We were able to get our devices running once they were connected to the internet. That’s it. That is what happens when you are a cloud company and got all of your worries push into XOMNI Cloud. Setup is just a matter of deploying the client application. Rest is on us, in XOMNI Cloud.

Day 0 PresentationsYou might wonder who we are presenting at in the photo above. They are our friends from Microsoft. We are happy to be part of their booth at NRF 2014 and we made a short introduction of what we have this year to all MSFTEs. What is that big screen in our booth? Check out below a vine post from our CTO showing our Magnetic3D integration.

It’s much more attractive when you see it in person instead of a video. That’s why you should come to our booth now!

That’s not all we have for now. More will come tomorrow. Stay tuned! We will keep blogging during the big show!