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XOGO is ready for NRF 2016

Some of you following our blog are well aware that January is an exciting month for us at XOMNI. It is the month where we travel to beautiful New York City for the NRF Expo. As usual, we did our homework for NRF and we have some exciting news to share. This time, it is a new product; XOGO.

XOGO is not your traditional Digital Signage, in fact we call it Decision Signage. XOGO is a very low cost yet highly interactive assisted selling digital canvas for our partners and customers to leverage. Our Dev team is so excited, they wanted to tell you about it themselves!

We wanted to build XOGO to help every retailer, ranging from single store retailers to those with thousands of locations. Unique to XOGO besides its extremely low cost is the ability to leverage existing in-store screens, or quickly add one for the first time. Simply plug in a $35 player device and use existing mobile devices for management. Make sure you hit that play button on the video above to see some action and get more details. At only 5 minutes long it will be well worth your time! Also, if you are at NRF 2016, drop by the Microsoft booth and ask for XOMNI or XOGO. If your are not at the expo, feel free to watch videos captured from NRF 2012 for some nostalgia or from 2014 and 2015 if you are looking for the latest.

Real-Time Retail at NRF

It’s now or never. A retailer faces many consumer driven opportunities to make a sale. Today, retail is rarely ready for them. Are you presenting the right product, price or promotion at the right time?

This year at NRF XOMNI will be talking about how Retailers can do exactly that. Although our NRF meeting schedule is filling fast, Daron Yondem (XOMNI CTO) and I still have a few slots available. We would be happy to discuss how to quickly produce innovative pilots, encourage experience iteration and go to production automatically upon finding a fit for your customers and brand. Of course, leveraging our Creative Ecosystem powered by XOMNI Channel Partners will ensure your success.

This year we have two Channel Partners that we know of highlighting XOMNI Experiences at NRF. Channel Partner thebigspace has developed a dynamic recommendations style guide on the XOMNI platform that will be on display at the Zebra technologies booth. Channel partner Confiz will be in the Microsoft booth demoing a GameStop experience we are excited to tell you more about after the start of the show.

Would you like to talk? Get a personal tour of our NRF showcases? Let us know.

Chad Brown
President | CEO

NRF 2014 Day 0, We are ready!

This is the most exciting time of the year. It’s NRF! This is when we show you all the stuff we worked on and this time we have a lot more! Day 0 is just the day before the show starts and that is when we get our demo devices setup and make sure we are ready to rock and roll.

IMG_3327I should say “we are a lucky company”. We were able to get our devices running once they were connected to the internet. That’s it. That is what happens when you are a cloud company and got all of your worries push into XOMNI Cloud. Setup is just a matter of deploying the client application. Rest is on us, in XOMNI Cloud.

Day 0 PresentationsYou might wonder who we are presenting at in the photo above. They are our friends from Microsoft. We are happy to be part of their booth at NRF 2014 and we made a short introduction of what we have this year to all MSFTEs. What is that big screen in our booth? Check out below a vine post from our CTO showing our Magnetic3D integration.

It’s much more attractive when you see it in person instead of a video. That’s why you should come to our booth now!

That’s not all we have for now. More will come tomorrow. Stay tuned! We will keep blogging during the big show!

3D iPhone for Retail?

My guess… several years away. :) Let’s talk about today!

XOMNI and Magnetic 3D show off Glasses-Free 3D in the Retail environment at NRF 2014.


XOMNI is excited to be in the Microsoft booth for the umpteenth year talking about retail experiences that matter, are real and make a difference today. This year we have two spots in the both. 1) Assisted Selling and 2) Customer Highlight – nope. still can’t talk about the customer. :)

We hope you can make it to NRF and share in the fun! If not, stay tuned. We will be talking more about it next week. In addition, we will be releasing Self Provisioning for XOMNI and a new Developer Portal which together will make everything demonstrated at NRF available to the masses.

Exciting times for XOMNI, our Channel Partners and Retail as a whole!

Yours Truly,

Get a Free Pass to the NRF Expo Hall!

This just in… A certain number of Expo Passes have been made available to XOMNI. If you are a retailer or know a retailer, have them reach out to sales@xomni.com with the title “Free NRF Pass” and we will hook you up!

We’d love to meet you. The XOMNI product team will be at NRF demoing in two areas of the Microsoft booth. The Assisted Selling section and a special customer branded section we can’t wait to tell you more about later. Our itinerary is filling up, let us know if you want a one-on-one meeting to discuss the XOMNI value proposition.  No one does omnichannel, assisted selling and global product catalog delivery better than us.

NRF is going to be a big deal. Don’t miss it!

NRF 2013 Thanks + Next Steps


Just a quick note of thanks for those of you able to stop by and see us at the Microsoft and Wincor Nixdorf booths. If you didn’t have an opportunity to swing by this was the demonstration we were showing:

You probably heard the term Omni-Channel used a lot this year. My hope was that our message which focused on the In-Store experience and assisted selling aspects of Omni-Channel differentiated XOMNI and brought some meaning to the new Buzzword for 2013.

Over the next few months we will be trickling out more information about how to build and scale rich Omni-Channel experiences. Of course, if you need support now please don’t hesitate to reach out directly.

Thanks again,

Omni-Channel Online Services in Action

This year, XOMNI will be back at NRF demonstrating the power of the XOMNI Cloud and associated Online Services via several new experiences. Be sure to stop by Microsoft to see an application running on the SUR40 + PixelSense and Wincor Nixdorf to experience the PolyTouch with iOS Passbook integration.

Want to kick-start your Omni-Channel initiative while at NRF? Daron Yondem our CTO will be there with a couple design and development partners. Request a meeting and let us help you get a jumpstart on assisted selling and in-store experiences for 2013!

Be sure to follow us on our new twitter and facebook accounts for real-time updates.

XOMNI at NRF 2013

Last year we enjoyed meeting you at the Microsoft booth. This year, we will be back at Microsoft and also at the Wincor Nixdorf booth. We hope to see you again and share stories about our success helping retailers scale and enhance their assisted selling and consumer decision support scenarios using XOMNI the Omni-Channel Cloud Platform and rich consumer facing experiences.

We will be sending out one more update prior to NRF giving you a preview of what we will be talking about. Be sure to follow us on our new twitter and facebook accounts for real-time updates.

One last thing… Please feel free to reach out directly and request a meeting while at NRF.