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iOS Reference Application

Complimenting our Windows 8 work, XOMNI is proud to announce the addition of specialized tools to help our Retail, Agency and Technology partners better understand the power of our cross-platform APIs on the iOS platform. As part of this update a New iOS Reference Application has been developed. Although this application represents a small portion of the XOMNI feature set, we hope it will serve as a helpful reference and best practice example for SDK usage. For access to the latest source, SDKs and API documentation please reach out to support@xomni.com.

Stay tuned… We are excited to announce prior to 2014 additional information regarding Windows 8.1 updates, the XOMNI 2.0 Platform Release and an all new Developer Portal!

New Brand Packs Available

Thanks for installing the XOMNI Win8 White-Label Application. In case you were wondering what “White-Label” means… Yes, you can develop and install brand packs to customize the experience. We have developed a few brand packs you can download here: XOMNI Brand Packs Currently Available

The installation is simple:

  1. Be sure to run the XOMNI White-Label application at least once.
  2. Download the Brand Packs
  3. Copy the Brand Pack Folders into the right directory (below)
  4. Re-launch the Win8 App and select desired Brand – Settings / Brand Options


If you want a specific brand developed, customization made or application feature added let us know. This application only exercises a small percentage of what XOMNI really can do!