Doing our part with an hour of code.

You may have heard of HourOfCode movement with the motto “An Hour of Code for every student”. We wanted to take our part in the initiative and volunteered as trainers a while ago. The movement had another wave of events during 7-13 December and I had the chance to be the host of 9-10 years old geniuses.


I did speak in many universities and international conferences, but never witnessed this type of fresh, rapid enlightening in any sense. You need to see the sparking eyes of a nine years old when he discovers a nested for loop on his own. That moment is priceless. If you did not have chance to host a “HourOfCode” session yet, or simply was not aware of the movement, feel free to go to their web site and join the volunteers. Influencing lives at such an early age is invaluable.

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