Visit XOMNI at the MultiScreen Summit!

Our CEO Chad Brown will be a panelist at the Multiscreen Summit! Visit us at Day 2 of the conference.

DAY 2 – 3:25pm – Panel Discussion with Integrated Marketing Week: The Future of The Screen?
Steve Jobs’ crucial 2009 patent for a touchscreen device controlled by finger commands was the culmination of a 20 year old passion to develop a simple unified screen. In the coming few years, how can we best combine all the screen elements to make a new generation solution? How does the industry intelligently work with: 3D, Image, Sound, Touch, Motion, Location, Content, Currency, Identity to make for a new experience for the consumer and new revenue opportunities for businesses? Leaders in 3D, audio, content, location, wallets meet on the stage to brainstorm a future-proof strategy for the industry. 

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