XOMNI V3.1 is out!

Just a couple of months ago we launched our V3 Platform. It’s been a huge global launch where our services were highlighted on a couple Microsoft product launches as well. Today, I’m excited to announce that our v3.1 release is out the door, and it’s as shiny as V3.

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  • 3th Party Data Access : This has been one of the most popular requests so far. Retailers moving their data to XOMNI Cloud want to be able to share and syndicate that data with other cloud partners and vendors. In today’s world, with the majority of services moving into a SAAS model, companies are pushing their data to multiple locations and trying hard to keep their data sets in sync. With the XOMNI implementation of API Management you decide how, when and with whom you share your data. The good news is, this is all free. During our Preview lunch of API Management, all API Management consumption for our v3.1 customers will be free of charge.
  • MyStyleGenie Partnership : MyStyleGenie is our first service partner leveraging the V3.1 API Management feature. With V3.1 we are providing out-of-the-box support for MyStyleGenie integration where you can enjoy two way data flow between XOMNI and MyStyleGenie services. Real-time shopping support and basket optimization engine are just some of the services offered by MyStyleGenie. Feel free to take a look at their web site for more info.
  • Cloud Storage for Stores : Besides the concept of providing a cloud storage area for applications running on specific devices (Device Storage) with V3.1, we are introducing the concept of Store Storage. Under this configuration, multiple devices within a store environment can store arbitrary data.
  • TypeScript SDK : While keeping our .NET SDK open source and up to date we heard your feedback and happy to announce our TypeScript SDK initiative. With the release of V3.1 we are covering our Management API set both for TypeScript and JavaScript consumption. Feel free to grab our Bower packages including the JavaScript and DTS files. If you would like to have a direct access to the TypeScript codes it is all on Github, open source.

Feel free to take a look at our release notes for more information about what’s new and what’s changed, and don’t forget to visit our developer portal for deep dive API documentation.

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